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WEDDINGS A FAMILY AFFAIR:The New Etiquette for Second Marriages and Couples with Divorced Parents

Weddings provide one of the most celebratory occasions for a family, but what happens when there is more than just one family - when the bride and/or groom is from a divorced family or they are entering a second marriage?

Sample topics:
Couples with Divorced Parents:
* Who walks the bride down the aisle?
* How do we limit battles over who pays for what?
* Where do stepparents sit?

Couples Planning to Remarry:
* How do we minimize the financial risk?
* How can the children participate?
* Who issues the invitation?

WEDDINGS A FAMILY AFFAIR gives practical ideas presented with sensitivity and humor.

Find out how other brides and grooms have successfully navigated their own special day and how, with some extra care and consideration, a wedding day can truly become a family affair.

WEDDINGS A FAMILY AFFAIR is available from the
National Stepfamily Resource Center at Auburn University


These handy articles are the perfect source for providing Must Have information to deal with short-term and long-term stepfamily financial needs.

Topics include Financial Organization; Insurance; Government Role in Remarriage; Money: Yours, Mine, and Ours; Children and Money; Stepchild Support Obligations; College Tuition;
Retirement; and Inheritance.

STEPFAMILY MONEY MANAGEMENT articles are available from the author by sending an e-mail request to Dr. Engel.

Stepfamily Holiday Travels

It's here! That vacation or holiday season when families everywhere are supposed to be filled with joyous expectation.

You're not?

Well, the truth is that too many parents and stepparents are filled with dread while in the midst of making arrangements for the transfer of their chidren from one to the other and back again.

Sometimes all that's really needed are ideas and suggestions from those parents and children who have traveled this road ahead of you. To help you avoid becoming a travel agent for guilt trips, included are suggestions for a more effective parenting relationship before and during the holidays and vacation days.

STEPFAMILY HOLIDAY TRAVELS article is available from the National Stepfamily Resource Center at Auburn University.

Divorce Help Sourcebook

Divorce assaults the emotions and the pocketbook; complex legal arguments and jargon can be intimidating or even overwhelming. Yet while each person's situation is unique, no one needs to face the process alone. There are a wealth of resources - from public agencies and nonprofit organizations to books and other publications - that can help with every aspect. With such assistance individuals can exercise some control over the proceedings to get the results they deserve.

DIVORCE HELP SOURCEBOOK simplifies the search for information and help. Topics include How to Talk Divorce; Uniform Statutes; Moving Through the Divorce Process; History of Divorce in America; Legal Matters; Financial Matters; Practical Matters; Parenting; Health and Well-Being; and State Laws.

DIVORCE HELP SOURCEBOOK is available in your local libraries.


Today, management of our personal world requires increasing business knowledge. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than in the area of divorce - a highly private matter with, at the same time, profound economic implications.

THE DIVORCE DECISIONS WORKBOOK is the first book that looks at both sides of a divorce in a manner that makes the information readily understandable and the process manageable to the divorcing couple and their family members. By the same token, it will facilitate the work of attorneys, judges, court personnel, accountants, and therapists who are professionally involved in the divorce process.

Key areas discussed are:
Understanding the Divorce Process: What Divorce
    is Like
Getting Personally organized
Pulling Yourself and Your Family Together
Financial Value of the Marriage
Learning About Divorce Law
Getting Your Legal Decree and a Successful
A Divorce Ceremony
Document Changes

THE DIVORCE DECISIONS WORKBOOK is available in all major bookstores and from the web site link Barnes and Noble.