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Weddings A Family Affair: The New Etiquette for Second Marriages and Couples with Divorced Parents

WEDDINGS A FAMILY AFFAIR presents a fresh approach to the common problems and challenges of plannng a wedding for a complicated family. Just seeing an assortment of options may inspire you to come up with solutions that are uniquely suited for your own circumstance - ways that will help you and your famiy create a special, wonderful wedding day.

For Couples with Divorced Parents:

Getting Started
  Accent the positive
  Getting your act together
  Avoiding pitfalls
  Is anybody grown up?
  Degrees of civility
  Stepping stones

Wedding Checklists

Negotiating and Working Together
  The common goal
  Listening to the problem
  Concrete suggestions for the sharing impaired

Announcing the Wedding
  Emotions and stepping on toes
  Elements of style
  Parents: Single, joint, or several
  Steps to consider

Wedding Expenditures
  Who gets to choose?
  Only a large wedding will do vs. thinking small
  Who contributes what

Inviting Members of the Wedding
  Guest list
  Ceremony sponsors and reception hosts
  Invitations and dilemma of style (wording)
  Portfolio of style examples

Setting the scene
  Mothers and fathers
  The aisle walk
  Floral arrangements and wedding attire
  Ceremony seating
  Photographing the wedding

Command performances
  Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  Receiving line
  Reception and hosting tables

Grace and Arthur's story

For Couples Planning to Remarry:

Encore Weddings
  Personal choices
  Bridal accessories

Valuable Considerations
  Prenuptial agreements
  What's in a name?
  Legal affairs
  Authorized officiants

Religion and Encore Marriages
  Ecclesiastical rulings
  Biblical rulings
  Faith-based rules and procedures

Family Strings Attached
  Discussing your decisions
  Young, teen, and adult children
  Family stuff
  Telling parents and exes

Announcements and Invitations
  Formal and informal nnouncements
  Portfolio of examples for encore weddings

The Wedding Day
  Ceremony size and type
  Members of the wedding party
  "Giving Away" the bride
  Personalized ceremony
  The day we all got married
  Reception and honeymoon

Marie and Henry's Story

WEDDINGS A FAMILY AFFAIR is available from the National Stepfamily Resource Center.