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Welcome to Stepfamilies-International

    Did you know that over half of the American population is a member of a complicated family through divorce, single parenting, living together, or as a stepfamily? This means that more than 135 million people are in need of information, support, advice, and tangible goods and services in order to unravel hassles and successfully manage their daily lives.

    I am passionately committed to providing effective, creative, and timely information to avoid or minimize negative individual and family consequences from these life transitions. As a past president of the Stepfamily Association of America and member of the National Stepfamily Resource Center's Council of Stepfamily Experts, I routinely work with an expert network of family service professionals.

    Imagine if, together with me, you could say to yourself, your readers, viewers, listeners, members, employees, or clients who are experiencing family transitions:

This is what's going to happen and here are our NEW choices!

    I will be happy to help you develop cutting edge concepts, programs, and materials for your personal use and to position you as a leader who supports complicated families with research-based best practices in the fields of divorce and remarriage/stepfamilies.



Education and information formerly provided by the Stepfamily Association of America is now being provided by the National Stepfamily Resource Center (NSRC) at Auburn University.

Auburn University created the National Stepfamily Resource Center to promote stepfamily education and to make stepfamily resources available to all stepfamilies, all stepfamily support groups, all stepfamily web sites, all stepfamily authors and their publishers, all professionals who work with stepfamilies (counselors, therapists, educstors, doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, clergy, etc.), conference programmers, and the media.

To assure that you continue to receive full stepfamily support, bookmark and use the National Stepfamily Resource Center address. For stepfamily questions and book orders, send your e-mail request to