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    Dr. Margorie Engel is an author, speaker, and media consultant specializing in families complicated by divorce and remarriage. Her credentials include a 41-year business career, MA in Education Program Development, MBA in Management, and PhD in Law, Policy, and Society.

    Stepfamily life began 25 years ago with her husband and five teenage daughters (she’s mother to two and stepmother to three). Yes - a lot of weddings! Known as Marmee to their daughters' children, this grandmother and stepgrandmother of 13 is a past president of the Stepfamily Association of America and current member of the Council of Stepfamily Experts, National Stepfamily Resource Center, Auburn University.

    The Senior Editorial Advisor and financial columnist for Your Stepfamily magazine, Dr. Engel is also a regular contributor to national newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. She is a member of the Authors Guild, International Society of Family Law, Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, and Massachusetts Bar Association; a research fellow of the Brudnick Center for the Study of Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University; and a Commissioner for the Massachusetts Governor's Advisory Commission on Responsible Fatherhood and Family Support.

    In addition to serving on the Advisory Board of the Children's Rights Council and Smart Marriages (CMFCE), Dr. Engel is the Founder of the SAA Advisory Council for leaders of family service organizations in the United States.



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