Dr. Margorie Engel

Dr. Margorie Engel * Past president, Stepfamily Association of America * Current member, Council of Stepfamily Experts, National Stepfamily Resource Center, Auburn University

Talk Topics

by Dr. Margorie Engel


Stepfamilies in Other Countries
Stepfamily Strengths Undermined by Law and Public Policy
The Stepfamily Experience in American Society
Stepfamilies in the Workplace
Divorce and Remarriage: Law and Finance
The Third Party in Your Remarriage Contract: The Government
The Always-Contentious Definition of Family
Development, Operations, and Management of a Stepfamily Organization
Creating a Permanent Commission on the Status of the Family
Stepfamilies and Society
Hassles for Stepfamilies
Important Stepfamily Support Systems
Development of Stepfamily Research and Design
Bashing Stepfamilies: Social Overkill on a Pretty Good Social Deal


Becoming a Stepfamily
When You Marry Again and Create a Stepfamily
Understanding the Remarriage Territory
The Emotional Stages of Stepfamily Development
Working Together as a Couple
What Professionals Need to Know About Stepfamilies
Living and Loving in a Stepfamily
Stepfamilies: Why Not Blending?
Birth of a Stepfamily: SAA’s Roadmap for Success


Society’s Invisible Dads: Stepfathers
Dads and Stepdads Parenting with Moms and Stepmoms
Men’s and Women’s Issues as They Affect Children of Divorce
The Plight of Children When Their Parents Divorce and Remarry: An Interdisciplinary Peek
Stepfamilies and the Holidays
Spotlight on Stepfathers and Stepgrandfathers
Maintaining the Complicated Connection


Financial Issues for Stepfamilies
Money Management in Families Complicated by Divorce and Remarriage
Wedding Bells & Dollar Bills
What If...You Need an Insurance Check?
Handling Stepfamily Money
Money in the Web of Yours, Mine, and Ours
Stepfamily Money Quandaries: One Pot, Two Pots, or Three Pots?
Love and Marriage Leads to Children and Money
Do I Have an Obligation to Support My Stepchildren?
Tuition Terror for Stepfamilies
Daisy Petals: They Love Me (College Expenses), They Love Me Not (Inheritance)
Stepfamily Retirement Years: Golden or Bleak?
Couple Talk about Inheritance in a Stepfamily: The Considerations
Couple Talk about Inheritance in a Stepfamily: The Documents
Stepfamily Financial Business Management


When the Unthinkable Happens: Managing Major Life Changes
One Thing Leads to Another: Anatomy of a Woman’s Financial Marriage
Financial Planning for Life’s Transitions: Remarriage
Expensive Steps: When You’re Connected to Another Person Financially, You’re at Risk
The Effects of Divorce Financial Decisions on Stepfamilies
Remarriage: A New Financial Partnership
The Financial Insecurity of Women in Remarriages
The Financial Reality for Women in Remarriage: A Taboo Topic
Divorce Financial Management: Parts I and II
Divorce and Remarriage: Law and Finance
What Happens to Money in Remarriage?


The D(ivorce) Factor
Financial Realities in Divorce
Necessary Divorce Financial Management
World-Wide Divorce: The Need for an Interdisciplinary Approach
Custodial and Decision-Making Responsibilities at Divorce
High Conflict Custody Cases: Reforming the System for Children
San Diego High Conflict Intervention Program
The Collaborative Law Movement


Etiquette for Second Marriages and Couples with Divorced Parents
Etiquette for Weddings After 50
Weddings When Parents are Divorced
Entering New Partnerships: Under the Eagle Eyes of Our Children

Selected Works

A. Non-Fiction: Wedding Planning for Complicated Families
A fresh approach with insights to families with non-traditional dynamics - when the bride or groom is from a divorced family or they are entering a second marriage.
B. Non-Fiction: Stepfamily Finances
Stepfamily financial organization and management booklets
C. Non-Fiction: Stepfamily Dynamics
Back and forth between Mom's house and Dad's house.
D. Non-Fiction: Divorce Management
A guide to organizations, agencies and publications, with expert advice on legal, financial, and personal matters
E. Non-Fiction: Divorce Management
A Planning and Action Guide with 55 FORM-ulas™ to help you in the Four Key Decisions Areas: *Financial *Legal *Practical *Emotional