Dr. Margorie Engel

Divorce Help Sourcebook

Following the text in each of the chapters that highlight the major considerations of divorce, DIVORCE HELP SOURCEBOOK lists organizations and publications to consult for further information or help.

How to "Talk" Divorce

Uniform Statutes

Moving Through the Divorce Process

History of Divorce in America

Legal Matters
 Minimizing negative consequences
 Support and property awards
 Domestic abuse

Financial Matters
 Retirement funds
 Privately-owned businesses

Practical Matters
 Education programs
 Getting organized
 Creating a new home

 Custody evaluations
 Educational opportunities
 Seminar for divorcing parents
 Helping children adjust
 Parental abduction

Health and Well-Being
 Importance of health and medical care
 Forming a self-help group
 Substance abuse
 A faith-based perspective

State Laws and Resources

Ask for the Divorce Help Sourcebook at your local library.

Selected Works

A. Non-Fiction: Wedding Planning for Complicated Families
A fresh approach with insights to families with non-traditional dynamics - when the bride or groom is from a divorced family or they are entering a second marriage.
B. Non-Fiction: Stepfamily Finances
Stepfamily financial organization and management booklets
C. Non-Fiction: Stepfamily Dynamics
Back and forth between Mom's house and Dad's house.
D. Non-Fiction: Divorce Management
A guide to organizations, agencies and publications, with expert advice on legal, financial, and personal matters
E. Non-Fiction: Divorce Management
A Planning and Action Guide with 55 FORM-ulas™ to help you in the Four Key Decisions Areas: *Financial *Legal *Practical *Emotional